Users (below, including “interested”, ex. art.4, c.1 GDPR) are informed of the following general profiles, valid for
all areas of treatment:

1.1 The Holder of the Treatment is Pacific S.r.l. (below, “Pacific” and/or the “Holder”), in person of his legal representative Marco Nardini, based in Vicenza (36100 – VI) – Stradella dell’Isola n. 1, c.f. and p.i.: 03903400244, which you can also contact /tel.: 39 02 36745414.

1.2 All user data, referred directly or indirectly to individuals, is treated lawfully, fairly and transparently with respect for the person concerned, in accordance with the general principles of art. 5 GDPR.

1.3 We have taken specific security measures to prevent data loss, unlawful, or incorrect uses, and unauthorized access.

1.4 The site collects “common” data or information that does not include “particular categories of data” (personal data that reveals racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, or union membership, as well as dealing with genetic data, biometric data intended to uniquely identify a person, health or life data sexual orientation of the person) or “judicial data” (personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences or related security measures). If you decide to enter additional information to your booking regarding the presence of food intolerances, they – as they relate to the health of the person concerned – will be subject to specific and explicit consent to the their treatment.

1.5 Web hosting of the site is allocated at the Kualo Ltd provider based at 20-22 Wenlock Road

London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom ( – VAT Reg No: GB 879 4400 88) and is maintained by Computer Design S.r.l. – via Piave 46 in Santo Stefano Ticino (20010 – MI) – Italy, p.i.: 119801501522, companies appointed responsible for processing, processing the data on behalf of behalf of the Owner. The servers, for managing the site, are therefore placed within the European Economic Area; any transfer of data to sub-responsibles abroad will be covered by standard contractual clauses and/or its adequacy decision, in accordance with Articles. 45 and 46 GDPR.

1.6 The updated list of persons authorized for treatment on behalf of the Holder as well as external managers of Pacific-designated treatment is available at the Holder’s office.

1.7 The Pacific privacy policy does not ultimately involve the processing of personal data of individuals under the age of 16. Therefore, this site is not intended to intentionally collect personal information relating to these minors. If information about minors is unintentionally recorded, the Owner will delete it in a timely manner, directly and/or at the request of the users.


Describes how to manage personal data acquired through this website that provide for possible interaction with the user:

(2.1) navigation data

(2.2) contacts

(2.3) newsletter/marketing/profiling

(2.4) other data

(2.5) Cookies

(2.6) Plug-ins and Social Media

2.1 Navigation data

The computer systems and software procedures in charge of the operation of this website acquire, in the course of their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated with identified stakeholders, but which by their very nature could – through elaborations and associations with data held by third parties – allow to identify users. This data category includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users who connect to the site, the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) notation addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the server (good end, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer environment.

Purpose and legal basis of treatment


(GDPR- art.13, paragraph 1, lett.c)

This data is used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the site and to check its proper functioning. The data could also be used to establish liability in the event of hypothetical cybercrime against the site (legitimate interests of the owner – GDPR considering 49).
Scope of communication


(GDPR- art.13, paragraph 1, lett.e, f)

The data are processed by the Holder’s internal staff, regularly authorised and instructed to treat (GDPR-art.29) as well as by duly appointed external managers (see paragraph 1.6).
Data retention period


(GDPR- art.13, paragraph 2, Lett. a)

The data is stored for very short fractions of time or for the strictly necessary time required by the navigation itself.


(GDPR – article 13, paragraph 2, read. f)

The data is not provided by the person concerned but is automatically acquired by the site’s technology systems.

2.2 Contacts / Book Now – Primary Purpose

The “Contacts” section allows the person to submit his request for information to the Pacific staff for the purpose of booking tables of the restaurants managed by the Owner, and this by filling out a special electronic form, providing the identification data (name/email/phone) and any other relevant information (see: number of persons, date and time of booking); Continuing the booking will open a new mask, which will connect you to a booking engine provided by our Partner: RESDIARY, appointed responsible for the Treatment. The data is
stored on the Microsoft Azure platform, at IDC located in the EU.

Purpose, data category and legal basis of treatment


(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 1, Lett. c)

(i) The necessary identification and contact information (first/last name/email/phone) is required in order to respond to the request for the booking of those affected. The submission of the request takes place on the basis of the consent of the person concerned, free and informed, expressed by unequivocal positive action (GDPR-art.6, co. 1, a, considering 32) by the execution of a special check-box and/or by virtue of pre-contractual measures taken at the request of the same person (GDPR-6, co.1, read b).


(ii) In the “comments” section of that electronic form or in the body of the message, the person has the right to enter further useful and/or necessary information, such as the presence of food allergies: in that last case, the person is invited to express specific and explicit consent (as a legal basis) to the processing of such data which, as they are related to the state of health of the same, fall into the particular categories of data ex art. 9 GDPR.

Scope of communication


(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 1, Lett. e,f)

The data are processed by the Holder’s internal staff, regularly authorised and instructed to treat (GDPR-art.29) as well as by duly appointed external managers (see paragraph 1.6).
Data retention period


(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 2, Lett. a)

The data is generally stored for times compatible with the purpose of the collection, in order to respond to this booking request; in any case, the data is kept for a maximum of 2 months beyond the booking date, according to the rightful interest of the Holder to handle any disputes with the person concerned related to the carrying out of the service.


(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 2, Lett. f)

The provision of data related to the required fields (first/last name/email/phone) is required in order to be able to refine the booking, while the remaining fields (comments) are optional, as they are aimed at providing Pacific staff with additional elements to meet particular requirements and/or needs of the person concerned.

2.3 Newsletter/Marketing/Profiling – Secondary Purpose

Within the “Contacts” section, the electronic form contains a necessary check box for the acquisition of specific and separate consent of the person concerned, as well as for the case of the treatment of particular categories of data (see paragraph 2.1), also to the receiving newsletters or promotional information from the person concerned and communicating them to the Holder’s partners.

Purpose, data category and legal basis of treatment


(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 1, lett.c)

(i)   (Direct Marketing Purposes) to send the relevant person advertising and informational material (e.g. newsletters), promotional or otherwise commercial solicitation on the services offered by Pacific (see: event communication Offers of commercial and/or promotional initiatives).


(ii)    (Third Party Marketing Purposes) for the sending by third-party customers and trading partners of Pacific, as self-employed holders of treatment, subsequent information and/or promotional messages about their products and/or services; In particular, the data may be provided
to other companies, including Maserati S.p.A. and/or its dealerships or other Pacific partners operating in the automotive, publishing, financial, insurance, energy, consumer, humanitarian and charitable organizations that will be able to contact you as owners of autonomous initiatives, the updated list of which is always available to you by contacting Pacific at the email address

(*)The treatment in such cases (i-ii) is subject to the e-mail address, in order to communicate by e-mail.

(iii) (Profiling Purpose) to perform, with the prior consent of the person concerned, an analysis of the preferences, activities and spending habits of the same, in order to send the marketing communications mentioned above

(*) The treatment in all the cases above (i-ii-iii) takes place on the basis of explicit and specific consents expressed by the person concerned for each individual purpose (GDPR-art.6, co. 1, a), except for commercial communications sent by email In the context of direct marketing purposes relating to products and/or services similar to those already purchased and/or subscribed by the user for whom the treatment is based on the right given to the Former Art Holder. 130 co. 4 D.lgs. 196/03 and/or on a legitimate interest of the Holder itself with respect to which the user can, however, always exercise his right of opposition (opt-out).

Scope of communication


(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 1, lett.e,f)

The data are processed exclusively by regularly authorised and trained personnel (GDPR-art 29) as well as by properly appointed external managers (see paragraph 1.6) or, in the event of the person’s explicit consent, for the purposes Marketing Purposes of Third Parties to the recipient categories in step 2.2.letter ii).
Data retention period


(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 2, lett.a)

The data is kept until the possible “dis-registration” and/or withdrawal of consent, which can be carried out at any time through the link contained at the bottom of each message sent, that is, by an email to the address


For direct marketing purposes and Profiling Purposes, the details of the person’s purchases will be stored in any case for a maximum of 24 months from the booking/or registration carrying out the service (and this for the rightful interest of the Owner to propose new services in a reasonable amount of time) and, subsequently, they will be destroyed or anonymized.

Finally, in any case, the personal data subject to such treatments (i-ii-iii) will be deleted if the user withdraws the specific consent, and therefore the retention time in this case is related to the choice of the person concerned.



(GDPR-art.13, paragraph 2, Lett. f)

Failure to provide an email address and consent will result in the possibility of obtaining the newsletter service and/or sending other promotional communications, and this without any harm to those concerned for the purpose of receiving the service (see Booking) required by the Owner

2.4 Other data that you provide voluntarily.

Optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mail and/or ordinary to the other addresses listed on this site (, involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary to reply requests, as well as any other personal data entered in the missive. If the sender submits their resume to submit their professional application, it remains solely responsible for the relevance and accuracy of the data sent. The first useful contact, during the interview of the candidate, will be issued suitable privacy information to the person concerned, taking place the treatment for the purpose of any selection of the candidate himself. In any case, the sender must refrain from sending information within the “particular categories of data” or “judicial data” (see paragraph 1.4 – General Information); in case of receipt, this information will be deleted, not being treated by the Holder in any way.

2.5 Cookies

This website contains cookies of type: technical, permanent, third-party and permanent third parties. The disabling of these cookies by those concerned is carried out following the instructions contained in the “Cookies Policy“.

2.6 Plug-ins and social media

Some pages of the Site may contain social network plug-ins (e.g. Google Maps, Facebook, Google, and any others). Specifically, on the page: #wearepacifico you can locate such plug-ins, recognizable with the same symbol of the social network of reference; in this case, the browser connects directly to the servers of the social network and opens an additional page or browser tab, connected to the social network. In case the user, when clicking on the plug-in, is connected to their social account (a connection that can remain active even if the social network page
is closed, typically in case you return to the social address you are already logged in with your account), some personal data may be associated with your social account. More information about the collection and use of data by social networks in general, as well as the rights and ways available to protect your privacy in that context, are present directly on the social network pages. If you do not wish to associate the visit to our Site with your social account, you will need to log off from the social network before visiting it.


3.1 You will be able to freely exercise the following rights in relation to the processing of Pacific data:

(a) Obtain confirmation that you are processing data about you or not, and in that case, obtain access to data and processing information.

  1. ) Request the adjustment of inaccurate data;
  2. ) Request the deletion of the data in case, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were requested; In this case, Pacific will cease to process the data, unless they are necessary for the verification, exercise or defence of a right.

(d) Request the application of the limitation of the processing of data, in which case they can only be processed with the consent of the person concerned; exceptions are the retention of the data itself and the use for the assessment, exercise or defence of a right or for the protection of the rights of other physical or legal entities or for reasons of relevant public interest of the European Union or a state Member.

(e) Oppose, in all or part, for legitimate reasons to the processing of your data; In that case, Pacific will have to stop processing the data themselves, unless they are necessary to defend against possible complaints.

(f) Receive, in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device, the data provided to Pacific or request that Pacific transfer it directly to another holder when technically possible.

(g) Revoke the consent granted, if applicable, for the purposes specified in paragraph 2 without prejudging the legitimacy of the treatment based on the consent given prior to the withdrawal.

(h) Finally, if personal data is processed for direct marketing or commercial profiling purposes, you have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data that relates to it for those purposes.

3.2 These rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition, and data portability may be exercised directly by the person concerned or by his legal or voluntary representative, by request to Pacific to his contact data by sending a recommended letter to the Headquarters of Pacifico S.r.l. in Vicenza (36100 – VI) – Stradella dell’Isola n. 1, that is, email at address or, finally, email pec at

You have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority.


It should be noted that this information might be subject to periodic review, including in relation to the relevant legislation and jurisprudence. In the event of significant changes, appropriate evidence will be given on the home page of the site for a reasonable time. However, please consult this policy periodically. This is an information, made under art. 13 of the GDPR, valid exclusively for the website and not for other websites possibly consulted by the user via link.


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